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The average American spends 10 hours/day on visually demanding digital devices, which can result in eyestrain, headache and visual fatigue. Our specialty computer lenses improve your online experience with the following features.

Two Year Lens Warranty
Protect your investment from scratches (*Excludes Eyemed)

One Year Frame Warranty
Life happens, we’ve got you covered

Anti-Reflective Treatment
Built into the lens, this feature reduces glare from screen and overhead lighting allowing for reduced eye fatigue and improved comfort

Computer Progressive Lenses
Specialty lenses that aid in maintaining comfortable, clear vision while working at the computer by minimizing the amount of focusing your eyes must maintain on a computer or tablet

Blue Light Reduction
Specialty treatment that partially blocks blue light emitted from screens. Blue light has been linked to sleep disruption and macular degeneration

Digitally Customized Lenses
High definition design makes colors brighter, shapes sharper and improves contrast

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