Diseases of the eye are most often detected through comprehensive eye exams.  Our doctors are well trained/qualified to treat and manage many eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and complications resulting from diabetes and high blood pressure. Glaucoma is a slowly, progressive permanent loss of side vision which normally goes unnoticed by patients until it is in an advanced stage.  The disease is most prevalent in patients over 40 years old, patients with a family history of the disease, diabetic or hypertensive patients and those that are highly nearsighted.  Patients of African heritage are also more likely to develop glaucoma and at an earlier age.  This condition is typically well managed with daily eye drops, although sometimes surgery may be necessary.  Glaucoma is normally detected during comprehensive eye exams; those with risk factors should have their eyes examined at least once a year

Cataracts are a condition normally associated with aging, but can also be caused by excessive sun exposure, smoking, certain medications, diabetes and trauma.  Typical symptoms include blurry vision, increase in glare, especially at night, and changes in color vision.  Cataract surgery may become necessary when visual limitations begin to affect lifestyle.  At that time, our doctors will arrange a consultation for you with a highly skilled surgeon to determine if surgery is appropriate.
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