Prepare For Your Exam

Prior To Your Appointment:
  • Please contact our office more than 24 hours in advance of your appointment to reschedule, to avoid a $30 cancellation fee
  • Submit the patient health history form at least 2 business days in advance of your scheduled appointment
What To Bring:
  • Current medical insurance card and vision plan information
  • All current eyeglasses (including prescription sunglasses and computer glasses)
  • Current contact lens boxes or tabs with prescription information (pictures will suffice)
  • Wear your contact lenses to each appointment
During Your Visit:
  • If you plan to purchase eyewear, consider arriving 30 minutes prior to your appointment to browse the eyewear gallery
  • Expect your appointment to last approximately 1 hour
  • Please plan accordingly, you will be dilated during your visit. We understand this can be an inconvenience, however, it allows for the most thorough health assessment. Most people feel comfortable driving after their exam, but reading will be difficult for a few hours.
  • With the exception of any health concerns, our doctors recommend a yearly dilated exam.
Medical Insurance and Vision Care Plans:
We make every effort to obtain your benefits prior to your appointment. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to provide us with any information required to file your claim. Please bring your insurance card to each visit.
There are two types of health insurance that will help pay for your eye care services and products.
  1. 1. Vision care plans (such as VSP and Eyemed) only cover routine vision exams along with eyeglasses and contact lenses. Vision plans only cover a basic screening for eye disease. They do not cover diagnosis, management, or treatment of eye diseases.
  2. 2. Medical insurance plans do not cover anything considered routine, such as refraction, contact lens evaluations or materials.
Medical insurance must be used if you have any eye health problem or systemic health problem that has ocular complications. Your doctor will determine if these conditions apply to you, but some are determined by your case history.
If you have both types of insurance plans, we may be able to bill some services to your medical insurance and other services to your vision plan using coordination of benefits.

We participate in the following medical insurance plans:
Anthem BCBS
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Optima Health
United Healthcare

We participate in the following vision plans:
Vision Service Plan (VSP)

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